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With the development and progress of global economy and changes in international market demand, competition among enterprises is mainly reflected in product technology and corporate culture and has turned from the surface product competition to a deeper level of cultural ideas competition. In the next decade, corporate culture is likely to become a key factor to an enterprise’s success. Therefore, we attach great importance to corporate culture construction and strive to enhance enterprise competitiveness, making the enterprise full of vitality.
Although we enjoy a bright market prospect currently, we still need to clearly realize that excellent corporate culture is critical to making an enterprise bigger and stronger. That is, to win with culture.
We make efforts in material, system and spirit three aspects, with the purpose of making Huazheng really a business that both our employees and the society feel proud of.
We adhere to the quality policy of “To meet and strive to exceed customers’ maximum demand”, constantly enhance customer satisfaction and seek for win-win and common development with customers on the basis of mutual benefit.
We adhere to the development strategy of “Market-oriented”, actively develop new products, open international and domestic markets, continue to strengthen our profitability and set up “Huazheng” brand image at the same time, expanding our international influence.
We adhere to the management philosophy of “People-oriented” and the talent concept of “Respect Knowledge, Respect Talent, Not Ask for Ownership but for Employment”, establish and constantly improve our human resource management system and create a united and efficient management team.
We adhere to the guiding ideology of “Strengthening Employees’ Sense of Belonging, Reflecting Human Care”, further perfect our welfare system and form good corporate solidarity and cohesion, so as to better attract and retain talent.