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Yantai Huazheng Medical Apparatus Technology Co.,Ltd., founded in 1994, specializes in the production of caps for infusion, antibiotic and freeze-dry powder. The Company is the first group of enterprises obtaining the category-I packaging materials registration certificates in China. The Company currently has 130 employees, 15 of whom have obtained the college and higher degrees. In addition, the Company has modernized management mechanism and solid technology strength. 
In 2003, the Company has invested more than RMB 20 million to build 8 PP aluminum-plastic caps and PP joints production lines for plastic infusion containers, with the annual production capacity of about 300 million pieces of PP aluminum-plastic caps and PP joints, and 200 million pieces of aluminum plastic caps for infusion bottles, with diversified specifications and stable quality.  
With vigorous and high-quality personnel, the Company executes the management mode of high-efficiency, high-quality, and responsibility-right-benefit combination, as well as the employment mechanism of “Using the Capable and Eliminating the Incapable” so as to build a high-quality sales team, flexible marketing mechanism and systematical market network. In the business philosophy of “Quality as Life Source and Creditability as Development Drive”, the Company has obtained the considerable market share and the highly praise from its customers.  
The Company has complete quality assurance system, advanced inspection devices and professional inspection measures. The Inspection Department launches the inspection on a shift basis and tests the materials as much as possible so as to ensure the product quality and forge the leading product brand.  
The production workshop of the Company has received the on-site check and test organized by state and provincial-level drug administrations. The complete disinfection equipments, sterilization system and production environment has met the national GMP standard. The Company adopts the advanced production equipments and first-class hot runner system to ensure the product quality; furthermore, the Company has installed the auto feeding system on the production line so that the manual feeding is avoided and the raw material pollution is eliminated, which guarantees the product quality and the cleanness of the production factory. The production workshop is equipped with monitoring system, providing 24-hour monitoring covering the whole workshop. The superior production environment, complete production management system and perfect quality assurance system has laid a solid foundation for the development of the Company.  
In order to meet the market demands and adjust the product structure of the Company, the Company registered the “PP Sealing Cap for Plastic Irrigation Container” and obtained the Category-I Packaging Material Certificate. With the advantages of stable quality, easy-to-open, superior sealing performance and safe use, the product could achieve the irrigation effect in short time through the clinical practice and is widely applied. So far, the large-sized infusion enterprises have put the product into production.  
In the business philosophy of “Quality as Life Source and Creditability as Development Drive”, the Company strictly adheres to the national standard from purchase of the raw materials to the production process. Due to its high creditability, the Company has been honored as “Quality Assurance Unit” and “AAA Credit Unit” by Fushan District of Yantai City.  
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